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Portal "Social Network of the Computer Scientists in the Regions of the Czech Republic" is working at sitit.cz!

All activities continue at www.sitit.cz, so far in Czech. We offer (restricted) search of content also for non-registered users. Our system is available for further cooperation.

Original content of project web - Project goals

The goal of the project is supporting communication between IT professionals, universities, companies as well as public sector in the Czech Republic. Currently we are preparing a social network of IT professionals, which will contain a unique system of professional profiles and intelligent search. It should be used for the search of professional contacts for cooperation in the projects, but also for sharing information and experience. The main objective is increasing the competitiveness of Czech Republic in the field of informatics, improvement of the status of IT in the Czech republic, increasing the added value of informatics and its contribution to the society, as we believe that these targets are especially important now in the time of the global crisis.

The social network will - among others

  • provide support for creating highly proactive teams for
    • solutions to complex problems using IT
    • solving strategic scientific tasks
  • provide information to support personal growth
  • provide specific community-generated services
  • provide relevant information for community members
  • be a partner for negotiation in the field of human resources and studies in Informatics (community, representation)

SoSIReCR features

Additionaly to services provided by nowadays social networks our social network will provide their users with high level of semantisation of stored information, based on RDF data, OWL knowledge representation and ontologies. This approach will allow users to run semantic search of knowledge about people, companies, research projects, etc. according to the topics of their interests, location and other aspects.

The system will be able to provide relevant information about participants, events, projects, and other entities with regard to user preferences by implementing of advanced collaborative filtering and user preference learning.

Focusing the network to IT segment instead of providing general purpose social network will allow to model, build and maintain large number of specific associations that will among others

  • provide better support for cooperation between regional institutions of tertiary education, research and development and thus better support for regional research projects,
  • simplify tighter cooperation with the government and private sector,
  • make easier implementation of major contracts and projects in collaboration with schools,
  • help satisfy needs in education, research and development,
  • allow evaluation of informatic research

Project schedule

The project started on 1st November 2009 and will be completed on 31th October 2012.
Its web portal will start in April 2011.